Congo's Caper [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- It's cute
- It's within the same series as Joe & Mac
- Power up and you can float and jump high

- Very average audio/visuals
- Game is incredibly rudimentary and easy
- This game arguably contains NO cave babes
- It feels like it should have been made before J&M

Bel States:
"With twenty five short and easy-as-pie levels to conquer
and little reason to conquer them, this game is a decent
game to plow through once for a little fun and to add to
that whole "Game Completion" list. If you're not very
good at platformers, you may also want to give this
game a go. As for me, I'd have to say this is one Tatakae
game I won't be going back to anytime soon. It's definitely
disappointing if you're a fan of the first Joe & Mac.
Where's all the cave babes? Where's all the slapstick humor?
Where's all the ninja caveman action? Who knows, but I can
tell you that Rookie doesn't deliver the goods. It's such a
relief to know that Joe and Mac finished off the series so
that the Tatakae Genshijin series doesn't end on a bad note.
Well... like the signs posted throughout Congo's Caper say,

Game Screenshots For Congo's Caper

Look at that guy...standing on pride rock, so smug and proud... You can shove unconcious cavemen! If you stand still too long, the hero will moon you...funny...

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