Firestriker [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- It's a game compatible with the multi-tap!
- Up to four players!
- Story Mode is cool with two players
- Interesting and original gameplay concept: Arkanoid + Zelda

- Average or below average presentation (for the year)
- Really small multi-player maps
- The ball almost bounces around randomly, with a mind of its own
- Has a lot of untapped potential

Bel States:
"That saying "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" might
be true to an extent, but sometimes, you don't miss out on
much by not giving something a shot. Firestriker is one of
those things. The only other things I can say about this
game is the obsessive censorship on Nintendo's behalf
(with the title being changed from "Holy" to "Fire") is a
little uncool, and that the Japanese version has different
sound effects, which are actually more annoying than the
ones in the U.S. game, so there's something to look forward
to if you're a gamer in the U.S. Firestriker isn't bad, but it's
very... ah screw it. You probably know what I'm going to say
anyway. At least you can add it to that list of games that
uses the multi-tap."

Vyse States:
"I can think of worst games than this... but it's not great."

Fleck States:
"It is a very odd game that plays like Arkanoid, but has RPG
story elements. Very strange hybrid, but it is a lot of fun and
can be played co-op. I highly recommend you try it if you
have the chance."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen WYLDE isn't satisfied with peace...go figure. I like the shadows of the forest trees and piercing light in this level.

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