The Jetsons and Youkai Buster Ruka [Action Games]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Bright and colorful graphics with varying styles
- Both games have decent audio
- Sucking up bad guys is fun
- Reeding comphencion iz not needsed tuw pway

- Play control is slightly iffy
- Youkai Buster Ruka is two main stages short from The Jetsons
- No commentary like "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"
- Moderately pricey

Bel States:
"Simply put, if you could only get one of these games, I'd
get The Jetsons. Putting my slight bias toward Hanna
Barbera classics aside, the game is cheaper, has more
levels and is easier to acquire. Of course, if you can get
Youkai Buster Ruka on the cheap or happen to live in
Japan or have easy access to Japanese games, then YBR
is the game of choice. If I didn't weigh in any of those
points however, I'd choose YBR overall. It's more
accessible in terms of playability and I like animes
and mangas...not to mention that the idea of
manipulating a talking head is a more interesting
concept to me than fighting a space pirate with a

Game Screenshots For The Jetson's: Invasion of the Planet Pirates

Title Screen You have to love gimmicky cartoons sometimes. SPREE...there's a candy called that too, right? George skips work to save the Earth with a vacuum? When did he get such balls?

Game Screenshots For Youkai Buster Ruka no Daibouken

Title Screen Boys with fangs and girls with pointy ears...can you guess what comes next? The mechanical dogs from The Jetsons are replaced by enchanted school desks! SWEET!!

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