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Lagoon [Action/RPG Game]

Lagoon from Kemco and Seika

U.S. Game Box Front

Muddy water!! God help us!

Nasir! Clean That Water Up!!!

The stars and beyond

Dolucky, Another Zoom Character

-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Year: 1991
Publisher: Kemco & Seika
Developer(s) and Others: Zoom
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: 1 file for saves
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: ?? (U.S. Dollars, USD)
Other Info: Lagoon was also released on the Sharp X68000 and it is said that it is a different game. The cat thing is "Dolucky" (Dorakkii), a fairly popular mascot for Zoom back in the day.

This is a tribute to the GameFAQs Lagoon Board which has been alive for over five years now (08/29/2002).

In the past, I used to think this was a truly horrible's strange too. Some of the first post on GameFAQs I ever made were on the Lagoon board. I was a Sophomore in High School, graduated High School, went to College, AND got my Associates Degree. To think that boys and girls have become men and women in that thread...hell, as of this writing (07/19/2007), I'm 21 and it's still around. Thinking back on those old times, I decided to give Lagoon one more play to see if it was worth mentioning. The game has its fair share of flaws being an action/adventure RPG. Reflecting on this game, which I hadn't played for over four years since I started on the L.B, I can say that it isn't a terrible game. Play as Nasir, known through L.B legend as the Toothpick Warrior (aka Pit Head) and the Champion of Light, as he tries to turn Lakeland's muddy water fresh again (as muddy is automatically considered a sign of evil). The plot is very generic, if not somewhat original.

Some of the spells and such looked pretty good for its time though the graphics overall are about average. The colors are bland and the game moves at a fairly slow pace, though this is fair for a game in 1991. I felt that the animation was pretty unimpressive, especially when Nasir happens to fall to his doom in a deep chasm. Not cool. The music is actually pretty nice. While the visuals could have been better, the music in this game is good enough to make up for the graphics. It has some old-school tunes that bring you back to the year 1991...a time when RPGs didn't need final boss themes that were sung by some choir and you didn't need to know what band performed what song. It has a classic feel that was all its own. The sound effects aren't the greatest, but they work. Overall, the sound quality passes and the sound should suffice.

The only thing that really stands out is the gameplay, which is unfortunately not that good. Magic isn't too relevent because most of the basic spells are more useful than the advanced ones and hit detection is about as good as can be expected of a blade 3/4 a centimeter in length. However, you do have a shield for deflecting attacks which helps. Also, jumping can sometimes be misleading. You think you make a jump only to fall to your death. The whole one save slot thing doesn't win any awards either. In spite of these things, I still think that it's worthy enough to be mentioned...Not mentioned in the "Ha, ha, that game sucks" way, but in the "It's okay. I'll play it" kind of way. It's cheap too and I have certainly played worst. I know many people who enjoy this game. Maybe you will too. Long live Lagoon!

- Written by Vyse the determined -

Game Screenshots

How old ARE the characters anyway? Nasir should always look this cool. Some sort of plot is thickening here... Nasir and Thor...the chosen ones. Nasir m'boy, you are a champion of light, and as such, I order you to get me some water! Samson isn't happy to see you Nasir...either that, or he has indigestion.

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