Milandra [Rogue-style Roleplaying Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Detailed graphics with fluid character and enemy animations
- Dark and moody music fits well with the theme of the game
  and the environments
- Loads of dungeons and many floors to explore; Over 100 floors exist
- Loads of items to collect and various effects
- Different character classes and a total of 14 characters
- Various aspects of the game is random like some other RRPGs
- Control up to four characters at once

- The game has some bad A.I. for your allies...
  BUT it causes many more complications than you think
- Many dungeons are too cramped and narrow
- Game is hard on a ROM...and probably near impossible on a console
- Once a dungeon is cleared, you can't revisit it

Vyse States:
"Milandra had a lot going for it, but thanks to faulty A.I, the
game takes a big hit in the fun factor department. Also, I
don't tend to say too many games are hard, but if I was
honestly playing this on my SNES, I'd get killed by countless
traps and/or overpowered monsters. The game doesn't have
too many cons, but the ones it does have are big issues that
bring the game down. As it is, I can only recommend the
game to the patient. If you are willing to do a lot of manual
commands and don't mind the challenge, Milandra will be
pretty entertaining. It has the looks and it has the sounds,
but the game suffers in the most important aspect (in my
eyes anyway)...which is a shame, because it has tons of
items and dungeons."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Shairock schemes his wicked scheme... That's one hot looking fireball!

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