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On The Ball [Action Puzzle Game]

On The Ball is a strange bird...

U.S. Game Box Front

Those bald kids are always in trouble...

Those Silly Kids...

-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Year: 1992
Publisher: Taito
Developer(s) and Others: Taito
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: None (Utilizes the password feature)
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: ?? (U.S. Dollars, USD)
Other Info: Also known as "Cameltry". Cameltry (besides being on the SNES/SFC) was also released for the Sharp X68000.

This is an early puzzle game for SNES and it's quite unusual...both in its simplistic ways and due to how uncommon the game is. The game is relatively rare. Why? Well it's a falling object puzzle. I can see why it wouldn't be so heavily available. The game in japan is called "Cameltry" and it has a camel on its box. Why they got rid of the camel or why they would even use a camel to begin with is a complete mystery to me. Taito was a strange breed during the early nineties.

The game is really simple, but the graphics are smooth and clean. No complaints here. The music is pretty neat and it shouldn't really bother you any. The gameplay of this game is what you'd expect for a falling object puzzle game. You must rotate the entire maze to help a crystal ball reach the goal of each stage. You can't actually control the ball itself, but you must plan accordingly and predict how the ball will bounce off the walls to get around corners.

Each stage is timed and the game has various little quirks and obstacles to block your path. There are blocks that make you lose time when your ball touches them too. There is a slot machine after certain points and when you lose, you have a roulette that gives you a "chance" at staying alive. I think it's a neat game that should be cheap, but it's not common.

- Written by Vyse the determined -

Game Screenshots

Title Screen We can do things the easy way...or the ultra medium difficult challenging way... Just a tutorial, though the game is so simple, you don't really need it. The first stage is a cakewalk, but things will soon give you a run for your money. At certain intervals, you have a chance to earn some bonus playtime. Celestial babe...groovy.

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