Magical Drop [Action Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- A puzzle game based around Tarot card characters? Interesting...
- Most characters present a different battle skill and challenge level
- Most of the staple modes are here
- The action in this game is fast and furious
- It's the start of a relatively good series...

- Awful audio that's very limited, bland, and highly repetitive
- The Fool has no special skill to help rebuttal attacks...that's just wrong
- Unrefined gameplay can lead to several scenarios where characters get stuck
- It could use more modes and features for a middle-of-the road SFC game
- To put it bluntly, nothing really stands out

Bel States:
"I have to say that this game is almost more trouble
than it's worth and a chore to play, with or without
a friend. The fairly average presentation, awful audio and
perhaps insipid gameplay don't exactly sit well with me,
and while the action is fast paced, the game is pretty
uninteresting as a whole. To be fair, this game isn't
that far behind its Arcade brother, so it's not a bad's just an uninteresting game. The first game
in the series isn't always the best; trust me. Thankfully,
most of the other games in the series and ports are a
lot better. Make sure you get Magical Drop 2 if you
have to get one. You'll learn why when you read that

Game Screenshots

Title Screen And so, six people will battle for the Magical Drop and......Zzz... Great! A fair match for a change! A fool against another fool.

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