Super Gussun Oyoyo [Action Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Bright and colorful graphics with cute characters and animation
- Quirky music and Gussun and Oyoyo make cute sounds
- Interesting gameplay that combines elements from Tetris,
  Lemmings and S.O.S: Sink or Swim
- Has 40 stages and an edit mode to make your own stages
- 2-player co-op or play head-to-head
- Fast, frenzied and challenging
- Relatively inexpensive
- Little to no knowledge of Japanese required

- While you can gain extra lives by getting Mini-Gussuns,
  it's really more trouble than it's worth
- A couple of extra versus mode features would have been nice

Vyse States:
"As I helped Gussun escape from the dungeon I was scratching my
head...Should I risk my life to save the Mini-Gussuns, or should I
just let Gussun ride my block over to the exit and save me the
trouble? A more practical way of gaining extra lives would have
worked better, but you don't really hurt much from not saving the
little guys. The game would have been beyond awesome if there
were a couple of more versus mode features, but the game is still
excellent. You can make your own I guess I can't complain.
Play this game now!"

Game Screenshots

Title Screen It would be sweet if you could play with Emily or George. Follow me little fella! I'll get ya to the exit!

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