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Super Turrican 2 [Action Game]

Ready for round 2?

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T stands for Turrican sucka! Better remember that!

This Game Uses A Symbolic
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In the mouth of the alien!


-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Year: 1995
Publisher: Ocean
Developer(s) and Others: Factor 5
ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: None
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: ---
Other Info: Read about Turrican history here. Read about the great Manfred Trenz (Very important to the Turrican series) here...lots of interesting stuff there! This game also says it supports Dolby Surround. Learn how it works here.

After the success of Super Turrican, it seems like a mystery to most as to why Super Turrican 2 is one of the rare games for SNES. A shame too...more people should ask about the Turrican games, ESPECIALLY Super Turrican 2. The game is called Super Turrican 2, but is released AFTER Turrican 3/Mega Turrican for Genesis. The Amiga version of Turrican 3 came out after part 2 (2 being around 1990 while 3 is around 1993). That might have something to do with why it's pretty hard to find. The story is still straightforward and deals with saving people from the tyranny of "The Machine". Nothing groundbreaking, but it will have to do.

When I played this game, I began to see Targa/Rendering Ranger: R2 in my eyes...Not just because Manfred Trenz is involved with R2 and other Turrican games, but the environments and the use of more realistic graphics in the intro (not the comic book looking stuff of the first Super Turrican) of Super Turrican 2 just scream Rendering Ranger. The graphics are excellent much like Super Turrican, and some of the level designs are wacky and incredible. Whether you are riding in a tank, using a speed bike, fighting on a plane or using the grappling hook to swing from various objects, the game looks great. The game seems to be a little less colorful and vibrant than Super Turrican, but the awesome new special effects more than make up for this. The sound is great, from the explosions and mayhem, to the clean sound that doesn't sound like it's coming out of the toilet. I found some of the music in Super Turrican to be better, but the music still fits the environments. The game also still supports "Dolby Surround" sound.

The game still functions a great deal like Super Turrican. You have the standard spread shot (Green colored orb this time), and the power (laser) shot (still blue colored orb), and the game has the "bouncing" shot (still yellow orb), though it functions differently. If you shoot while on the ground, the shot actually bounces off the ground (think the way a "Slinky" moves on the ground) and can also bounce along walls and ceilings. You also get a flamethrower weapon as well that acts as the new red orb weapon (the red orb gave you the spread shot in Super Turrican). You can grab a temporary shield and shoot homing missiles along with your current weapon. The super bombs are still in this game and they are even nastier than before! You can also still use the "beam" gun to paralyze certain enemies for a short period of time.

The game utilizes a new grappling hook (If you've played Mega Turrican for Sega Genesis, it isn't really new) that allows you to swing from ceilings as well as grab distant items. The game has some more action packed levels rather than the more vast levels of Super Turrican. However, the game isn't without any exploration at all, and the level design is still excellent overall. This game is tougher than the previous game, but it should still prove to be a good challenge that isn't overwhelming. Super Turrican 2 looks beautiful, sounds great, and has plenty of hardcore action. Every SNES gamer will want to try this beauty out at least once. Just try tracking one down for a price that won't kill you.

- Written by Vyse the determined -

Game Screenshots

The Good Guy... DA BAD GUY! Say hello to MY LASER! These visuals are awesome...simply awesome. This is the new bomb! I give it two thumbs up! This stage can be really hectic if you don't know what to do.

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