Yakusoku No Chi: Riviera [Dating Simulation RPG]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Wonderfully drawn characters and environments
- Creatively designed game system; Combines
  dating sim with strategy RPG and turn-based
  RPG elements
- Nice characters with personality
  and good dialogue
- Lots of items to and abilities to acquire
- Great music that does the WonderSwan proud
- Pretty Challenging

- Backgrounds are reused often in the game
- Game is very slow-paced and seems to
  drag on since stat gains are dependent on
  exploration and abilities learned...
- Good Knowledge of Japanese is required
- Other Game Boy Advance and PSP ports
  are in English and are often cheaper
- Other ports have additional content

Vyse States:
"Riviera has always had its faults, but they seem to jump out most in this
port of the game. I guess it's because there is less to distract me such as
voice-overs, enhanced visuals, and all the other minor stuff. However,
the game is still solid and while the game is mostly a smorgasbord of
various RPG and dating sim concepts, the end result is an original and
refreshing concept among so many other RPGs. Yakusoku no Chi:
Riviera for the WonderSwan Color/SwanCrystal was the first port
and therefore, it has a charm to me that the other ports don't quite have.
While all the ports are decent, this port paved the way for something that
would become a cult classic and it is still one of the best games on the
handheld with its fine graphics, music, dialogue, and unusual style."

Game Screenshots

An omnipotent title screen Little hammer attack = BIG damage to Ecthel and Ledah. Anyone who can do that with a spear MUST possess epic levels of awesome!

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