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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island [Action Adventure Game]

The sequel to SMW, yet Mario is a baby?

U.S. Game Box Front

Mario is tougher than most...

Hey, Where's Your Dinosaur Kid?

-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Year: 1995
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer(s) and Others: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: 3 files for saves
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: ---
Other Info: Also known as Super Mario: Yoshi's Island.

Heh, heh, heh.....Like anyone who's played the SNES doesn't know what the legendary Super Mario World is. Let us all stop procrastinating. The purpose of my sanctuary was for games that DON'T get any love right? So why am I even wasting space on my site for text and images on a game that millions already know about? I'll tell you why...because it is AWESOME. It's a bit disappointing though, because usually, you would expect someone to go against the trend of saying how cool this game is. I have broken trends as far as popular games go, but relax friends, when I say that this is not one of those trends I intend to break.

It's strange for this game to be the second SMW when Mario is only a BABY! Does this mean that the game is ruined? Not at all. Thankfully, the green dinosaur I love to hate (Yoshi for those who really don't know) joins Mario once again! Together, the duo get into all sorts of trouble and the only thing that could make matters worse is if Mario did a number 2 (thankfully, you won't need to deal with that!) in his diapers. If you couldn't tell by the images below, the graphics are absolutely amazing. Curse Nintendo and their ingenious ability to make me drop my jaw on several occasions! I feel the game could have even passed as an impressive early 2D Playstation game...up there (But not THAT good) with Rayman. The music is down right groovetacular, though, I feel that the # of actual BGMs surely could have been better.

So what's the gameplay like? It's rather clever really, as the game has both action and intuitive puzzle solving as well. Like Bubble and Squeak for the Sega Genesis, both Yoshi and Mario must also make it to the exit. Yoshi gets eggs in this game, which allows him to clobber enemies with a well made targetting system. It seems odd at first, but it quickly becomes easy to use. Yoshi can also stomp down stakes and squish soft foes. You must hit switches that do a number of different things and you must also learn the way your eggs can bounce off of walls at differenet angles. Why? Because there are certain areas where Yoshi and Mario can't reach on their own!

Speaking of Mario, at certain points, you must become invincible by grabbing a certain power-up. Once you become invincible, Baby Mario gets a cape and he can run super fast...even on top of the ceiling! As you can see, the game gets totally crazy, but good crazy is the best kind of crazy. You grab stars, get high scores for stages, etc, etc. Good stuff all around. The story isn't really worth mentioning, though I should just say that a Baby Bowser is involved...and there is no Baby Peach. I have found this game several times for very cheap at pawnshops so before you run and arm yourself with 40+ dollars for eBay, try shopping and looking around for various pawnshops in your area first. Don't forget that this game was released for the Game Boy Advance and an enhanced version for Nintendo DS.

- Written by Vyse the determined -
- All images submitted by uffbulle -

Game Screenshots

Oh NO! The star thingy is getting away! After it! That thing Yoshi happens to be stomping on is as soft as Charmin brand tissue! It's true! The cartoony backgrounds make Yoshi's Island a thing of exceptional beauty. Yoshi! You don't take babies down into dark dirty places like this! It ain't right!! Once you gain the grasp of the targeting crosshair, you can shoot eggs like a champion! You just got hit by a lousy egg...quit being such a wuss.

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