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Cute lil' Rena! The portable wonder, the Wonderswan! World's cutest archer!

The Intriguing WonderSwan!Video Game Reviews: WonderSwan/Color/SwanCrystal

The WonderSwan is a little known portable outside of Japan, much like the NeoGeo Pocket. It's made by Bandai and for whatever reason, the portable received a lot of support from Squaresoft. The games for the handheld are surprisingly cool. Price is pretty cheap for a complete WonderSwan. The SwanCrystal is the best one to have. It's in color and it's also the newest version of the WonderSwan. Note that while some games say "SwanCrystal" or "WonderSwan Color" in the description, SwanCrystal games also seem to work on a WonderSwan Color and vice versa. Monochrome (Black and White) games also seem to work on SwanCrystal without a problem. We would think that they should also work on a WonderSwan Color, but we're not writing anything in stone. If for some reason we come across a game that won't work on a SwanCrystal, we will make a note of it. We're merely going by what the box says until we can come up with a viable means to confirm any suspicions we may have. While it is said that some WonderSwan Color games may work on an Original B&W WonderSwan, some will not. Some game boxes are labeled "SwanCrystal" for some reason. Ah well.

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