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General Gaming Interests (GGI)

We've been doing some research on several websites. We discovered many things, such as sites with trivia questions, guestbooks, reviews, FAQs and much more, but there is one thing that you can't find a whole lot of on the net, and it astonished us, personally. You can't find a lot of game illustrations, snippets, and other things out there, not even for some of the most mainstream games (we won't dare go into detail on the lack of obscure game coverage). So... we've undergone the arduous task of compiling cool illustrations, snippets, pics, comics, whatever we can find on as many classics as we can. It's particularly pertinent that we grab this material for older games, as people have gotten so comfortable with emulation that the odds of this stuff springing forth are almost dismissive. This section has several odd pictures and other things from not only an avid collector, but an avid gamer.

We must warn you in advance, however, that the majority of the pictures within are fairly high quality pictures, so the image size varies greatly (trying to keep any one image under 500KB). They have been carefully compressed and modified to look as close to the original products as possible with minimal data loss. You may have to enlarge images or zoom in, depending on your tastes. Games that do not specify region (or version) are the U.S. version or a multi-cart.

General Gaming Interests: There are 458 items of interests spanning 8 platforms.

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SD Ibuki from Pocket FighterBomb ManWhip......Mario from Mario BrosStreets of Rage Blaze

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