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Welcome visitors, old and new. This portion of the site is dedicated to the bulk of our work and all the gaming impressions we can find, which include numerous reviews, fascinating tidbits, and coverage over several systems. One difference about what will be presented here is that our work will have a few, shall we say, graphical touch-ups. While a talented writer can convey their messages without the need of extra visual aid, a picture is worth a thousand words, so it'll save us a little work by dishing a few out here and there. You can find loads of things here, so just relax and take a look around. We've organized things so you can find them easier.

NEW!: We are now bringing in magazine scans and ads. While we could just tell you about them, the real memories in our opinions come from looking at all the old captions and silly ads. Magazines are a dying breed these days with the Internet dominating the information highway (especially with the recent news of Ziff Davis filing for bankruptcy) so we're going to try and preserve bits and pieces of them here. We will have to see how far we can go since the images will take up a lot of our hosting space. We are cleaning up the old ads (since some of them are battered by age) and we will keep the quality as high as we can, but it's still an experimental step. From Official Dreamcast Magazine ads to Nintendo Fun Club stuff and more, we'll put them up! If you wish to contact us in this regard to provide us with additional info, check out the "Questions and Answers" portion of the site!


Game Reviews: Game reviews for various platforms.

Tricks and Guides:

Game System Guides: Valuable guides that hold answers to many general questions.
General Advice: General gaming advice for rookies.

Game Memorabilia:

Video Game Scans: Boxes, manuals, cds, limited edition goodies...need we say more?
General Gaming Interests: Find manual illustrations, comics, and more for various platforms!
Game Mags 'N Ads: A blast from the past, present and future!

The Fun Stuff:

GS Collection Section: Because we're all a little nosey. Admit it.
GS' Misc. Banners and Old Banners: Because we love em'. *High Five*
Questions & Answers: General information about this website.

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