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- Links: General Gaming Sites -



A newcomer to the world of webmasters much like myself, Steven has finally started his own website! It was partially because of his site along with fellow gamer, Laurent Kermel, and all the nagging from peers throughout my "gaming career" that made me get off my *** and make my own site to contribute to the cause. Who is Steven? Only one of the most hardcore Sega Saturn (and now SNES) gamers that I know, and as his site alludes to, he is THE retro video game fanatic that you should look into for in-depth game coverage and a funny read. His site specializes in giving you extensive coverage of both the SNES/SFC and Sega Saturn. Quite the odd combo, but that's what makes this site even more interesting. You can also sign his Guestbook, read up on some of his personal experiences in both the world of gamers and the world of mortal men, and other various tidbits. Steve's site has an atmosphere that's all its own, and those interested in either system should take a peek from time to time.



This site is maintained by the knowledgeable Laurent Kermel, or Ikermel to my GameFAQs brothers and sisters. It's been around for a little while now and while it may not have the largest database of info out there, you can be sure that everything he does on his site is handled with great precision and care, making it worth anyone's while. Much like his site, Steve's site, and a few other sites of yore, I list them respectfully since I probably wouldn't be doing this if people hadn't shown me that there's still a whole lot of love for old school. His site is colorful, neat and dare I say "attractive" looking...not in the vixenish way, but in the "I'm too sexy for my (Insert phrase here)" kind of way. We've been notified by Laurent that his site his risen from the ashes and is now back in full swing. You can go down memory lane as well as check out his new stuff! Welcome back VGD!



Video Game Museum...that's all I'm going to say...nah, I wouldn't do that. Seriously, how can you surf the wonderful world of the internet and not know about this site? Odds are, you probably do and this site needs no introduction, but what the heck? One more guy spreading the word couldn't hurt right? The Video Game Museum has one of the largest sources of game reviews, game endings, game scans, and game ANYTHING on the net. Nuff said.

Racket Boy


Racket Boy has a nice selection of stuff compiled from sources found all over the web as well as their own independent articles and other interesting tidbits. This site is great for casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike and is a nice source for information, simple as that. You can also learn a few things about emulation there.

Game Set Watch


Odds are, if you want to know about an upcoming video game and it's a Japanese release, these are some of the first guys to have the scoop. Game Set Watch has been monitoring games that often don't depart from the East for a long time now. With their in-depth articles regarding Japanese games, events, cultural elements and all around happenings, Game Set Watch is a must-see. One thing I must add though, is while there is much of interest, the website has not been updated for many years.

Insert Credit

Insert Credit

Insert Credit cannot go without mention. It's a phenomenal site that covers games from across the globe, but particularly takes a first look at games from across the seas. The site has a many informative articles and the writing is first-rate. I can honestly say most of the folks at Insert Credit are far more talented than me.



Siliconera is a nice website that can keep gamers posted on the games that are currently popular and in style. You can read blogs, watch videos, and a whole lot more here.



Most people who flee from GameFAQs on a almost regular basis are probably looking at this and foaming at the mouth. I won't be so black and white about the matter. GameFAQs is a great site for games, news, reviews, pretty much anything you can think of related to games. I've had my bad experiences on the site, but the good certainly outweighs the bad...but you tend to hear nothing but negative things about GF from many fan sites these days. Even the forums are nice, if you go to the right places. It's funny some of the ridiculous articles you'll find from irate Ex-GF members...and a little sad. They now have game scans and other things they didn't have previously...which has many angered, which is completely understandable. Many fan sites years of work are being sucked up anonymously without a second thought and submitted to GF. Video Game Museum, PCECP (PC-Engine Catalogue Project), and anyone else who has lots of scans or screenshots or other material that makes their site more valuable have the potential of being pushed to the wayside. I've even had a couple of people tell me that it's like trying to monopolize on the net. I have stated my opinion on the matter. Look at it this way, you can also take their material, and all their compiled material will certainly outweigh your own (*wry smile*). You can also submit any material you feel you should be recognized for to them and get your name recognized in more ways than one. Besides, they can't get everything... :)



While one can make the argument that games should be about having fun, the fact of the matter is that such a thing isn't always the case. Syd Lexia knows how to be true to himself and to the loads of fans he has generated. Sydlexia's descent into pop culture madness from the early eighties to mid nineties is an informative (and sometimes brutally honest) look at video games and they tell it like it is. There's lots of eloquent sarcasm and borderline incendiary remarks in nearly every article, but behind every article lies an uncommon degree of unbiased truth and straight-talk. Who cares if he slams some of my favorite games? If he can prove a point and not be so half-assed about it, then it's all good to me. Confidence can take you far in this world; so don't be afraid to get you some! He also has a funny (or perhaps not-so-funny) subdivision known as GAR/GAR!, or "Gamers Against Racism". If you've seen my picture, I don't look like the average gamer you see out there that's stereotyped beyond belief (we all should know what they look like by now). I don't believe racism should play a part in anything, anywhere, period. If you must be a hater and drink Hatorade, at least hate everyone equally. I'm content the way games are now, but GAR brings up a good point.



A website that has been around for quite some time, VideoGames101 has lots of reviews for numerous systems as well as midi music art and various other goodies and tidbits. Owned by Star Soldier (known as starsoldier1 on YouTube), it's worth checking out.


Whip Ass Gaming

A website by a YouTuber known as Belpowerslave, WAG is an interesting and humourous website that covers a lot of Sega and Playstation stuff. It's worth checking out.

- Links: Nintendo Fan Sites -

SNES Central


SNES Central is a great SNES site and one of the most active ones as well, but it's not exactly what you might suspect. SNES Central has some nice, in-depth articles regarding lots of rare games and prototypes as well as articles for conventional games. Evan G and his partners are dedicated to tracking down ultra rare treasures and typically "not for sale" merchandise. Good job, and keep on documenting all those lost gems and accessories.

- Other (S)NES/(S)FC Sites -

NESWORLD.COM: A dedicated NES website that basically worships anything with "Nintendo" on it.

- Links: Sega Fan Sites -



Sega-16 is basically a Genesis fans' wet dream. You can find articles for loads of Sega Genesis games as well as rare scans and other useful Sega related content.

Segagaga Domain


The Segagaga Domain is a great site for anything Sega, and it has a number of brother/sister sites dedicated to games like the Valis series, Wolfteam games and other things. The site is neatly organized, has lots of information, quick game impressions, and is a great site in general.

SMS Power


Sega Master System Power is one of the greatest sites that you can find devoted to Sega's 8-bit Master System and other old Sega platforms. It's not hard to see why they like the systems so much though... they rule! It's sites like these that make you wonder "what if Sega outperformed Nintendo from the beginning and Nintendo was the third party these days?" I wouldn't complain either way, since both companies are capable of making great games. Check these guys out.

- Other Sega Sites -

SHIN FORCE: A great site with an edge towards Sega with a force that can even match Dark Sol and Dark Dragon.

- Links: TurboGrafx / PC Engine / Etc. Fan Sites -



This PC-Engine (and beyond) fan site is probably one of my favorites, which isn't easy to say because there is no shortage of interesting sites that have covered the marvelous history behind NEC and Hudson's impressive PC-Engine (and beyond). The PC-Engine in particular is definitely one of the greatest game systems there ever was and ever will be. At any rate, this site has a slick design and loads of neat information regarding (once again) the PC-Engine and beyond. It's been forever since I actually updated the site so do NOT go to superpcenginegrafx.com, but go to the .net extension I listed above! --- 2021 UPDATE: The website is still around as of this typing, but hasn't been updated in forever!



PCECP is one of the most comprehensive fansites surrounding both the PC-Engine and the PC-FX, period. It has an impressive database that covers what can be considered every game ever made for both systems and gives you basic information for every one as well as a few screenshots.

- Other TG16 / PCE / ETC. Sites -

THE PC ENGINE SOFTWARE BIBLE: Another nice PC-Engine site.

- Links: Sony Gaming Fan Sites -

Game Rave PSX


What's the deal here? I thought there would be loads of devoted Sony fans starting tons of comprehensive Playstation websites and dishing out tens of thousands of articles... and yet the world's greatest Sony fan is also one of the only people with a comprehensive Playstation website!! It currently makes Gaming Sanctuary not look so bad by association (note: we suck right now... we're not a comprehensive Playstation site). If you're reading this and you're mad, you should be. Go out there and start making some noise for the first Playstation, geez. If you have a good deal of Sony info, we'd like to see it so you can get a nice little spot in our links section (should you want it). At any rate, Mr. Sony Devotee himself has a great website (thank you very much) that digs DEEEEEEEP, finding all sorts of rare doodads and writing all sorts of impressive articles that reek authenticity. Of course, you may not like everything you find on this site, but it's a great website regardless.

- Links: Neo-Geo Fan Sites -



The name usually doesn't say it all, but in the case of the loved and hated NG.com, it does so resoundingly. You can learn damn near anything you'd want to know about the Neo-Geo from this site and it has a very active community packed with SNK game nuts, which just so happens to be one of the good kind of nuts. They can probably whoop my *** in a battle of "The Last Blade" or mop the floor with me in "Garou Densetsu", but that just earns you more props. Keep on doing what you're doing.

SpooNMan's NG Page


SpooNMan's Neo-Geo site is to Neo-Geo as Big League Chew is to baseball. This site was one of the first, and still is, one of the best sites for the Neo-Geo and SNK. The site has been around for over ten years and has seen on-again/off-again updates, but it has a lot of cool information.

- Links: Arcade/MAME Fan Sites -



This site is devoted to storing tons of rare, high quality arcade flyers and is one of the most organized game sites I've ever seen! There's little limits surrounding this sites form and function, and this (unsurprisingly) shows throughout when you look at their highly dedicated and energized fan base. The Arcade Flyer Archive is super-de-duper.

- Other Arcade/MAME Sites -

KLOV: It's the "Killer List of Videogames". Great site.

- Links: Video Game Music Sites -

Overclocked Remix


Overclocked Remix is one of the best sites of its kind. The folks here specialize at remixing awesome game tunes into different forms, leading to virtually endless possibilities. Their game remixes are among some of the most professional on the web and if you love game music or music in general, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out! Now, where can I get some remixed Jim Power tunes...



A devoted site for SNES/SFC music. You'll need plug-ins to listen to their music.

Project 2612


A devoted site for Genesis/MD music. You'll need various plug-ins if you want to listen to music and a tutorial from the site if you wish to make your own music through Project2612's (or rather, SMSPOWER!) multiplatform format. The process is relatively straightforward.

- Links: Misc Game-Related Sites -

DAM: DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Destroy All Monsters is a great old gaming website that isn't updated anymore, but still has enough info to warrant a link. They talk about loads of action games and is often compared to SHMUPS.com, the home for all shooting games.

FILE FRONT: This site boasts limitless storage potential and several TERABYTES worth of game files. Can you grasp how many files it would take to do that? Me neither, but if 2+2=4, then... sweet lord...

VIDEO GAME PRICE CHARTS: Video Game Price Charts may be the way of the future when it comes to following game values online. Since most rarity guides are compiled from online resources in conjunction with retail businesses around the world, why not make a game site that treats games like the stock market? You can watch various games appreciate and depreciate in value as they incorporate numerous online resources from the top online trade sites. It's interesting to say the least, whether you're the type who likes throwing together strange price guides or not. Of course, this site is still in the experimental phase, but if all goes well, this site could become big. They also have many interesting articles about video games and the art of collecting. Interestingly, JJ Hendricks over there has also done collection and game rarity articles for Racket Boy.

THE SECRET PLACE: A fan site for both versions of Lagoon. If you know about this game, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you know about both the SNES/SFC version and the Sharp X68000 version, then you are a true Champion of Light. It's a modest game, which can be classified as either an adventure game or an Action-RPG. You don't think this site matters? Insert Credit even wrote a piece about them in their news!

DAN DARE: There are a few neat sprites here as well as tidbits for any fans of Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future.

ALLNATURAL'S DOMAIN: A very simple, browser-conscious website that has a nice little library of animated gifs of characters from popular video games. As usual, don't hotlink their images. Save the ones you want on your computer and use them as you see fit so you don't leech their bandwidth. That goes for images on any website.

ICY BRIAN'S RPG PAGE: One of my all-time favorite game fan art pages. It was one of the first major game fan art websites I ever visited and made me appreciate art more as a whole. Add that in with the fact that I love RPGs and it should come as no surprise why this is even here. Great pictures, nice forum, cool community, definitely worth a visit.

ROMHACKING DOT NET: A great site dedicated to hacking ROMs, developing utilities for other emulators and other hackers and translating classic video games into multiple languages. Word of this site has been spread far and wide and the group has even been congratulated by major gaming corporations for their dedication. The only reason you don't hear us talking about them more is because we provide a lot of game material in its natural state and most would still consider emulation a gray area of the law, since some games that are still in production are being emulated even as we speak.

- Links: Online Game Dealers -

EBAY: Ah... the big b, little e. eBay is one of the best sites to get not only games, but almost anything. We sometimes would joke and say that they sell people on eBay too...and maybe that's true or maybe it ain't true. You can find great prices on "Buy It Now" items as well as auctions for things. Creating an eBay account is easy (though not nearly as easy as Amazon) and patience and thriftiness can make you one happy customer. A lot of people hate auctions, but they are really easy and more of a mind game than anything else. Just bid what you feel like paying and if you don't win, it wasn't meant for you.

AMAZON: Amazon originated a little sooner than eBay and is about as popular, not to mention it's another good online source for buying merchandise, though I'm a little more wary of Amazon than eBay. Regardless, I've gotten some items from Amazon and a few of my PAL territory games.

PLAY-ASIA: People might not always agree with the prices, but if you're looking for a game and funds aren't an option, then Play-Asia is king. You can often times find good deals at Play-Asia, they have lots of special sales and deals, and their items are usually in pristine condition or close to it. Play-Asia is one of the only sites I can rely on to have lots of Playstation and Saturn games with Spine cards and all. They are also very easy to do business with and should be in any Japanese gamers' (or import gamers) short list for online game shops.

JAPAN GAME STOCK: Japan Game Stock is a great site for finding lots of hard-to-get Japanese games, and they have a great selection of Famicom games to boot. They are fast, friendly, and easy to do business with.

GENKI VIDEO GAMES: Genki Video Games is a great PAL-based game shop that specializes in Japanese games and they have some good deals on some games. They are very friendly, provide great item descriptions, and you can tell they really want your business. What should you do then? Why, give it to them of course.

- Links: Other Cool Sites -

CRUNCHYROLL: Crunchyroll is a huge community full of movie lovers and people who are so into anime, they have names like Naruto Uzumaki, Evangelion, and Spike Spiegel tattooed on their chest and Onigiri pumped into their veins. Of course, I'm one to talk. Cowboy Bebop may just be my favorite Japanese animated show ever. This site was introduced to me back in 2006 by a friend in VA who's a god on that site known as OreoCookie1169. I've been a little addicted to it ever since. This site has loads of high-quality anime/movie fan subs of truly off-the-wall stuff, including Chinese and Asian dramas, among other things. You can earn more stuff by making donations... which is probably why you don't hear about them more (zing!). In all seriousness, you should check this site out; they're really good at what they do. Deluxe Bomber!!!

DENSHI JISHO: Denshi Jisho is an excellent resource to use when you need help translating Japanese characters and the like. In addition to their impressive database and utilities, they have a forum where you can seek additional help. It's like neighbors helping neighbors, except most of these neighbors probably don't live anywhere near you. Just another reason why the Internet is a very strange place.

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