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Current Game Scans

You can zoom in and out to get a better (or worse) view of the scans. Depending on the broswer you use to surf Teh Internetz or your settings, the images may be in higher or lower quality...or maybe the quality is medium. There is even a possibility that the quality of the images are low quality...or maybe you just aren't looking at them right. Whatever the quality may be, one thing cannot be ignored; some of these make cool desktop backgrounds. Have fun.

UPDATE: As many are aware, GameFAQs and several other sites have begun accepting images from nearly out of the blue (as of sometime ago...2009 or 2010-ish). As a result, countless images are being taken from sites all over the place and people are taking credit for them. This doesn't particularly bother us (as many of our rare/hard to acquire game scans have already been taken), but let it be known that everything in the GS scans section is GS property (and the original game creators of course) and is authentic to the best of our ability. You won't be able to ask 80% of the image contributors on most sites for a legit scan of page 9 of Super Real Mahjong P.V for the PC-FX as well as for many other obscure games. I don't want people thinking that we took all our scans from GameFAQs and other sources when it may very well be the opposite. Also, I can tell you right now that most of the scans, even when stolen, aren't in as good quality as GS' original scans...quite a fair deal of them don't even come close. If it isn't scanned up by me/Vtd or my bro/BCTE (or something sent as a legit contribution), we don't put it with the scans section of our site. That's the way it works. Just letting ya'll know.

Current # of Game Scans: There are 480 Game Scans spanning 10 platforms.

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