- Great Greed [Roleplaying Game] -

- Potential Pros & Cons -

- Another Game Boy RPG...that has nothing to do with
  Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa
- Some characters and locations are named after food
- Fairly challenging
- Surprising ending scenarios
- Detailed enemy models
- Battle system that functions without menu commands

- One-on-One battles don't require much strategy and
  the battle system isn't too deep when you get down to it
- Comically bad dialogue at times (so bad that it's good?)
- All enemies do not have all the animation states

Vyse States:

"The game is as straightforward as humanly possible. Other than
the naming of certain things, Namco didn't take any risks in
developing this game. It screams Dragon Warrior/Quest 1 (Namco
does not have ANYTHING to do with Dragon Warrior/Quest)...Great
Greed is mostly traditional and since I've finished it for a third time,
I will say that it is okay. GG isn't anything special, but it is playable."

Bel States:

"Looking for a substitute for the Final Fantasy Legend games? This
game should do, but don't expect much. I wouldn't play it more than once."

Game Screenshots

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