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Video Game Reviews

See what we have to offer! Unless it is otherwise stated, all images for the reviews have been modified and submitted by Vyse the determined or Bel Cain The Eternal. The size of each review varies greatly depending on several factors including genre, rarity, "obscurity score" (not listed. just my opinion of obscurity), information currently available, like (or dislike) for a particular game, time, etc. The size of the images mostly lie in how detailed the image may be, as well as how many colors the image may have. Any game that does not specify version or region means that it is the U.S. version.

Reviews are always being revised with extra images, audio samples, trivia, and other information. If you don't want to be spoiled, you should read our "Quick Game Overviews" (more info below). Games may also have a link that shows you additional tidbits of information (located under the images in the reviews or in specific images) so if you want to be spoiled as little as possible, you may not want to look. Lots of interesting information though! Clicking the same system images will take you to an image of what that system might look like (though the PC section doesn't because it isn't needed).

NEW UPDATE: Look for the "Q", "C", "F", and "S" tags next to a review now. The Q will automatically take you to the quick versions of reviews (if one exists) without having to click the main review. Also, quick reviews will have half the # of screenshots as the main reviews too! The C tag lets you see the credits (if they exist on the site) and they are usually for U.S. versions of games (unless the game was only made in Japan or another territory). The F is for any game that might have an FAQ of some kind for it. The S is for secrets or codes we might have for a game. For the typical goodness such as additional tidbits, extra screenshots, and all that jazz, visit the main articles.

Current # of Game Reviews: There are 6 reviews spanning 1 platform.

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