- Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise [Repetitious Action Platformer] -

- Potential Pros & Cons -

- Game stars a quirky character in a strange world
- You can turn your enemies into food and eat them
- Use power-ups to become invincible, turn all on-screen
  enemies into food, and fly. You can also grab extra lives
- Decent audio
- Fairly cheap
- Uncommon game (for collectors)

- The game is like tons of other old-school games
  where after a few levels, the stages repeat. This may not
  be a "CON" for everyone, but I'm putting it out there
- The stage backgrounds are a bit cute, but also a
  bit lacking
- I like Mr. Chin more in Thunder & Lightning for the NES
- The music is appropriate, but I wish there was more

Vyse States:

"There isn't much else to say about this game. It's a simple game
that might appeal to some. It speaks to me in the same way that
many games in the 80's did with the stages that loop. It's fun to
play on the go, but playing the game for great lengths of time
may cause the funfactor of the game to decline rapidly due to
the repetition. It's cheap though, so it's good to play during
your travels...just make sure that you take other games too,
since you don't want just one game to play on the go."

Game Screenshots

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