- Nail 'n Scale [Action Platformer] -

- Potential Pros & Cons -

- Play the role of a climber; Use nails to climb dangerous
  terrain and beat baddies
- Equal parts action and puzzle
- 51 stages
- A two player mode is available to those who have a link
  cable and two copies of the game
- You have three different items that aid you in your quest
  besides your typical nails
- Music leans on the merry and upbeat side
- Uncommon game (for collectors)

- Game uses mostly simple graphics
- There are only a small # of different BGMs
- Stages can get very difficult near the end since you make
  many leaps of faith...
- Due to the rarity of the game, unless you emulate (which
  some people DON'T like), the two player mode may be off limits
- No password feature, though you can continue if you lose all
  your lives

Vyse States:

"Nail 'n Scale is a very simple game in both gameplay and design. It
doesn't do anything terribly wrong, but due to its simplicity, it isn't
exactly good in terms of replay value. Back in 1990 (in Japan), it
was a lot more reasonable to play a game like this for the Game Boy,
but by the time 1992 came around, you could find numerous interesting
action games for the Game Boy. If you can score the game cheap, it may
prove to be pretty entertaining, but otherwise, I wouldn't buy it."

Game Screenshots

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