Knight Quest [Roleplaying Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Another Game Boy RPG...that has nothing to do with Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa
- Fairly Challenging
- A few detailed enemy models
- Besides magic items, your hero attacks in four different ways
- Enemies can be seen on the field like in games like Chrono Trigger, Romancing SaGa, etc.
- Fairly uncommon game (for collectors)

- Few magic attacks and very basic gameplay structure
- Boring dialogue
- Most tunes are boring and forgettable
- The game is very short

Vyse States:
"The game is VERY generic. It's nice that you can see enemies,
but the game remains far too simplistic. Because of the simplicity
and the other typical and average elements of the game, it may
only hold the interest of RPG lovers. Others should beware."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Get your password at the castle. Wait a minute...I can see the enemies? Leave your home a teenager, return as a knight.

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