- Maru's Mission [Action Game] -

- Potential Pros & Cons -

- Only Jajamaru game to be released in the U.S. (so far)
- Decent backdrops
- A few cool power-ups
- Moderate Length
- Uncommon game (for collectors)
- Silly ending

- Mostly uninteresting characters and story
- Mostly uninteresting gameplay mechanics
- The power-ups are mostly very cheap
- Challenge level seems lacking
- Underwhelming soundtrack
- Underwater levels lack substance and are unnecessary

Vyse States:

"The game was a modest attempt to get people interested in the
Jajamaru series. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly good enough and
Jaleco has done better in the past. Nearly everything you kill recovers
your life and most bosses can just get shot to death the moment they
appear on the screen. Ah well."

Bel States:

"Nice way to introduce the series to North America. Okay...
jokes aside, this game isn't all that good. Sorry Jaleco."

Game Screenshots

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