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SM Choukyoushi Hitomi: Volume 2 Remix [Unlicensed Adult/Hentai Text Adventure]

One of SFC's rarest games

Japanese Game Box Front

The young idol

This Girl Is Your Young Idol

-General Information-
Version: Japanese
Year: 1995 (1994, 1995)
Publisher: SEIBU Planning (Seibu Kikaku), EJ Corp.
Developer(s) and Others: SEIBU Planning (Seibu Kikaku), EJ Corp.
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: None (utilizes the password feature)
Estimated Market Value as of 06/01/2008: $100 - $??? (U.S. Dollars, USD)
Other Info: Very Rare, Unlicensed. Approximately 5,000 copies of this game existed at one time (according to the back of the box). The boxes were numbered and I wonder just how many out of that planned 5,000 were actually made? According to the site, EJ Corp produced seven SFC titles. This game is also known as "SM Teacher Hitomi 2 Remix".

This game is not licensed, sponsored, or endorsed by Nintendo. Now you have been warned. This is a text adventure game with adult situations (18+ older pleaseE. I had to make a revision to the SNES System FAQ because I believed these kinds of games were only in ROM format, but I now know that a few of them exist in actual cart form. If you couldn't tell, it's one of the rarest carts on Super Famicom. Just so you know, I'm not some sex-obsessed neurotic, but I'm not afraid to talk about adult sex games or any other. Also, I don't seek to bash this genre of gaming...which seems to gather the hate of nearly every gamer alive. In this game's case, however, I can tell you that it's highly generic and typical to all the senseless hentai that exist. Games like Nonomura Byoin No Hitobito (Sega Saturn) are much better games with hentai elements. They need to be discussed because there is obviously a market for adult games. I didn't bother to do much translating, but without giving much away, here's the basic idea of the game.

You play with a young idol of sorts...very young (not going to say)...who gets into various predicaments in and outside of school. In the opening, you will learn that she is taken away from her family to attend a "special" kind of of the sadistic variety. When the game starts, you are on a screen with a cursor that you can move and the background has scrolling hearts. There are three options, the first being System Menu, which brings you right into the game with options such as starting the game, saving, loading, etc. The second option is to watch the opening story scene. The third seems to give you a brief introduction of the main characters. You seem to start in a store (There is someone that looks like Sailor Venus on a poster in the back of the store). It appears that the person is describing the key characters; You and some freakish clown guy seen in the top middle pic. You can raise and lower various stats, such as morale, stamina, etc.

That's the basic gameplay...get a good ending. Obviously, throughout the game, your protagonist will get nude. Sex (and rape) is involved in some of the most typical areas. Such areas include the track outside the school, a doctor's office, and in a dungeon. Because the game is made by complete amateurs, the image quality is fairly low as far as text adventures for SFC. I've seen worse, but the screen is cut into a square rather than utilizing a widescreen display, so the quality of the images take a hit. The sound is also pretty primitive and completely unremarkable. It isn't downright horrible, but it doesn't really have SFC quality to it. The music sounds low-tech and generic. The game is also very expensive. If you've played SMCH:V2, you may notice little to no differences whatsoever in this remixed version of the game. The box looks a bit different than that of regular SMCH:V2. The word "Remix" is slapped on it.

Here's something else a little interesting. The manual makes mention of these games (SM games) as well as two other games. One I haven't translated, but the other was a game called "Curse". It MAY exist, but there may not be a ROM dump of it available. The game was in development and was supposed to retail at around a whopping 19,800 Yen!!! That's roughly around 170 to 180 USD (about 175 USD last time I checked). The lowest value of the SM games was 9,800 Yen and the higher tier games were 12,800 Yen. That means that this game retailed anywhere from 9,800 to 19,800 Yen. SMCH:V2R had a limited print run of approximately 5,000 copies. However, the final production may have been a great deal less than that. As you can see, the boxes were originally numbered (At least "Remix" was, not the others). God only knows how many of these things actually exist...even worse, how many survived.

- Written by Vyse the determined -

Game Screenshots

A girl taken away from her family... That guy is pretty freaky, ya know? If you play hentai games, this will probably be all too familiar. School looks pretty normal, but it isn't! Is that really supposed to be one of the Pretty Soldiers? GOD...This guy is really, truly, freaky-to-the-max!

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