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Cute lil' Rena! SNES, The system for champions! World's cutest archer!

The Incredible SNES!Video Game Reviews: SNES/Super Famicom

SNES stands for "Super Nintendo Entertainment System". Digitpress dubs the SNES "The console of consoles" and it is often called the greatest console of all time by others. SNES is often considered a kid console due to games geared for younger audiences. Some of the earliest games tended to have significant slowdown (up till mid/late 1992, where companies were much more capable of working around the processing issue). Uses an excellent color palette and though it is a cart-based medium, it can produce outstanding sound (close to CD quality). The SNES has a outstanding import library. SNES is one of the more expensive systems to collect for, especially if you're a bit of a completist like Vtd and BCTE. Make sure you watch your wallet and do necessary research before buying games and you should find decent deals and enjoy all the SNES has to offer!

Action Games (Which includes Platformers, Run N' Gun,etc.)

Adventure Games (Which includes Text Adventures)

Beat-em-ups (Includes one plane and two plane style)

Educational/Edutainment Games

Fighting Games

Puzzle Games

Roleplaying Games & Strategy Games (Which include Action/RPGs)

Shooters (Includes First-Person,Hori,Vert,etc )

Sports (Does not include Racing games)

Misc. Games

Adult/Hentai Games

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